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SINO GAS AND EQUIPMENT SERVICES LIMITED (SINOGES) is a company dedicated itself in designing, manufacturing, testing, sourcing and delivering of gas & gas containment equipment and related services. Registered in China mainland and Hongkong SAR, SINOGES has offices in Hongkong, Wuxi, Wuhan, and factories in Ji’nan, Linyi, Nanjing, Ningbo, Jiujiang, Chengdu, An’qin.  Since 2012, SINOGES has been in this industry for over 7 years and has delivered 2 million pieces of equipment to over 22 countries & regions worldwide. We keep close communication with all main suppliers of raw materials including steel tubes, fiber and other composite layer related raw materials, valves, collars & caps, etc. Sometimes, when our own equipment or lead time cannot meet the requirements from customers, we also work closely with other reliable manufacturers in China to provide a one-stop procurement service. Whatever offers you can get from others, we can get you better ones in terms of quality, price, and services.

We thrive On the business Growing of our Customers.



You may be a procurement manager of a gas producer or a bulk gas distributor, or you may be the owner of a CNG fleet, or you may be the owner of a company that delivers fire suppression systems… No matter the type of your business, we SINOGES have the right product and services for your Gas Containment Needs, Gaseous or Liquid.

Experienced Engineers

For product simple like a cylinder, it has different technical details that require your attentions.

We understand what is required

Many of our sales and technicians have been working in cylinder industry for over 15 years, we team up to make sure of your satisfaction.

Multiple Bases

Are you aware that there are more than 50 manufacturing bases in China for cylinders?

We know what choices we have

SINOGES is the strategic partner of more than 20 cylinder factories in China, work with us to buy from the right one for you.

Local Inspection

Are you concerned of the quality, for the containers of cylinders you will be ordering from overseas?

We inspect what will be shipped

At SINOGES, we have engineers based in different factories to do the inspection before the shipment of your containers.

Satisfied Cylinder Wholesalers
Pieces of Cylinders


As the containment vessel of high pressure gases, sometimes even high pressure flammable gases at storage pressure of 450 Bar. What can cause more attention of buyers, than SAFETY?

We select for you

SINOGES has a team of engineers that have manufacturing and inspection experiences for more than 30 years, we know how to ensure the reliability of vessels.


No matter the market or industry, profit is naturally the motivation of being a gas cylinder wholesaler. You do not want to compete in a market that others are buying the same product at lower price.

We compare for you

As a strategic partner of multiple manufacturers, SINOGES has the flexibility to source and compare solutions before providing Quality & Price that can keep our customers competitive on their market.


Rather than products with price you feel happy with, what you really need, is an experienced team that can provide excellent services for all technical and commercial issues.

We take care of you!

As a supplier of 50+ wholesalers in 22+ countries, SINOGES has met all possible technical or commercial problems during operation, thus we know how to solve customers’ problems.

We are here to help your business BLAST OFF!

SINOGES has manufacturing facility or office in different cities. Our products are either made in our own facilities or in our strategic parterners’ facilities according to the stringent quality requirements of SINOGES.

SAN FRANCISCO (USA Liasion Office): +1 (510) 944-6909
WUXI (China Mainland Liasion Office):

SAN FRANCISCO: 555 Pierce Street, Albany, CA 94706, USA
299 Fangcheng Avenue, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214000, P.R. China

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