With over 10 years’ experiences in the industry of Gases & Gas Containment Equipment, we established the company SINO GAS AND EQUIPMENT SERVICES LIMITED (a.k.a “SINOGES”) in 2016 with the aim to serve our global customers by connecting them to the most appropriate factories and products in China. Though the product itself may seem simple (a type of gas, a type of vessel for containment of particular gas, or a set of equipment assembly that serve particular needs of storing or moving around of the gases), it can still be very challenging for a procurement manager or a business owner to find the most appropriate source online, simply because there are just so many choices online and it can be very difficult for you to tell which is false and which is worse if you are sitting in an office many miles away.

As a team of investors, sales directors and engineers, SINOGES know how things work in this industry. A simple rule is that a factory that is very strong in making product A maybe not as strong as another factory in making product B, simply because they are more focused on a particular type of products even though they are capable of making all types of products. Our solution is to invest in the top factories of different types of products on the market so that we can meet different customers’ requirements by supplying them with the right product at the most appropriate cost. We are stronger than a single factory because we are a union of factories, and we are more competitive than any trader because we are actually representative of factories.

All suppliers claim that they are the best source for the products you are looking for. It is a simple logic to compare the offerings before you make a decision. If you are already buying a particular bulk gas, gas cylinder, ISO container, or Gas Cylinder Bundles, try us by filling this form below so we can give you an alternative offer to choose from.

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